What is the BES?

The Battlefield Equestrian Society (BES), founded in 1985, is a volunteer organization and a 501(c)(3). It’s purposes objectives include maintaining and improving the equestrian trails in the Manassas National Battlefield Park (MNBP), promoting horsemanship through educational programs and activities, and general support of the Park.

Membership fees account for approximately one quarter of BES's annual revenue. Funds raised by the BES thorough its trail rides and financial/materials donations are donated to the Park along with voluntary labor to sustain the bridle system.

The work of this service-oriented group was recognized in 1994 when it was awarded the MNBP Partnership Award and in 1990 with the U.S. Interior Department's "Take Pride i n America" Award. The ongoing activities of the Society, in partnership with MNBP, include erosion control, trail trimming, and safety improvements to the Battlefield's bridle trails. BES also maintains a therapeutic riding trail and ramp for challenged equestrians.

Join today and be part of the BES and the preservation of America's equestrian history.

Individual membership is $20.00 annually, $55.00 for three years. Family memberships are $30.00 for one year and $85.00 for three years. NEW MEMBERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

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Membership Form

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